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Pregnancy medicines, necessary medicine during pregnancy, medicine during pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Are Pregnancy Medicines Safe?

There is no good time to fall ill. However, there is certainly a bad time for contracting sickness. During pregnancy is certainly one of those times. Saying that the gestation …

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Pre Pregnancy Health Checklist

#LadiesAndBabies: Pre Pregnancy Checklist

In local Indian circles, the term “Good news” has become interchangeable with the news of pregnancy. Indeed, a woman’s transition to motherhood is a time like no other. Blessings upon …

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third trimester of pregnancy, third trimester pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Third Trimester of Pregnancy

There comes a time in pregnancy when people mistake your belly with Buddha’s and tend to rub it. If you have experienced more belly rubs recently, we assume your bump …

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Pregnancy complications, Complications during pregnancy, pregnancy problems, problems during pregnancy, Diseases during pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Common Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy, (noun): A time of utter joy and a simultaneous worry of what might go wrong. Expecting moms and their spouses experience various forms of suspense in this period. Your …

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conception faq

#LadiesAndBabies: Pregnancy and Conception FAQs

Well, there is no doubt that pregnancy is a huge event. But unlike popular opinion, the confusions and dilemmas of pregnancy exceed the time lap of 9 months. It starts …

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Air pollution effects on pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Air Pollution and Pregnancy: Risks & Precautions

It is the winter season and love is in the air. Wait, no, particulate matter is in the air! We have succeeded in damaging our air quality to ‘severe’ from …

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First Trimester of Pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: First Trimester of Pregnancy

Loading baby in 1,2,3,…9 months! The event of the first trimester of pregnancy is a turning point in a family’s life. It becomes more and more thrilling each day for …

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Postpartum Depression

#LadiesAndBabies: Postpartum Depression

You must be waiting for the second series of Ladies and Babies. So here we are with a new topic – ‘Postpartum Depression’. We aim to educate our female population …

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age and pregnancy, right age for pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Right Age to Get Pregnant?

We have all heard the phrase, ‘Age is just a number’, but not in the case of pregnancy. Most of the doctors say that for girls, the right age to …

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34th week of pregnancy, 34 weeks pregnant, baby growth in 34th week of pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Diabetes At Pregnancy

Diabetes At Pregnancy: As joyous starting a family and conceiving a baby is, it also requires considerate pre-planning and appropriate care in order to ensure the optimal health of the …

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Best time to get pregnant

#LadiesAndBabies: What is The Best Time To Get Pregnant?

Many-a-times, expecting parents on television, are portrayed as amazed individuals upon receiving the news. Unlike what the advertisements tell, pregnancy does not always have to be a surprise. It is …

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pre pregnancy therapy, prepregnancy counselling, preconception care

#LadiesAndBabies: Pre Pregnancy Therapy For Expecting Couples

Expecting parents are often seen complaining that they were not warned about the challenges of pregnancy. Everybody gives them their good wishes or blessings, but what they need is verified …

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exercise to get pregnant fast, exercise to get pregnant

#LadiesAndBabies: Exercise to Get Pregnant Fast

Pregnancy is like a ladder – you miss one step and may risk falling. The need for additional attention towards your health starts right when you and your partner decide …

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Third trimester scans and Tests, blood test during pregnancy third trimester, tests during pregnancy third trimester

#LadiesAndBabies: Third Trimester Scans And Tests

Before you will be a supermom, you will be super pregnant. That period is the third trimester of pregnancy. Congratulations! You have made it to the last three months of …

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second trimester scans and tests, blood test during pregnancy second trimester, second trimester screening test

#LadiesAndBabies: Second Trimester Scans And Tests

Welcome to the second trimester of the pregnancy. This phase will be all about “The baby is kicking!” excitement. But not just that, it is also when you are more …

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Genetic counseling, pre pregnancy genetic counseling, genetic counseling during pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Genetic Counseling For The Couples

Remember how most age-old Bollywood movies would have the same plot. It is the one where a grandfather dies at the same time a baby (aka the hero) is born …

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water birth delivery, water birth delivery in India, benefits of water birth

#LadiesAndBabies: All You Need To Know About Water Birth Delivery

If you are an expecting mom getting closer to her due date, we have more exciting news for you. As one of the options for your childbirth, you can choose …

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

#LadiesAndBabies: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

‘Who runs the world? GIRLS!’ Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Beyonce could not be more right when she tells us that we, girls, run this world. Both literally and biologically, the female …

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Post Pregnancy medication, post pregnancy care, medicine after pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Post Pregnancy Medication And Care

Finally, your baby bump is gone and your little one is in your hands. But the arrival of your baby is just the starting of a different form of care. …

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childhood cancer

#LadiesAndBabies: Childhood Cancer

Superheroes don’t wear capes, they fight CANCER! It is already September and we, at Credihealth, are celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with the rest of the world. Cancer is a …

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