Just as fashion trends keep on changing every now and then, so does food trends. We have come across fancy terms like Vegan Diet, The Zone Diet, Raw Food Diet and now the most trending and fanciest of all is the Ketogenic Diet. A ketogenic diet or popularly known as the Keto Diet India or Keto Diet Plan India is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carb diet. This diet is ideally designed for people who want to increase their metabolism, eliminate the constant feeling of satiation and lose weight. The reason why this diet has gained so much recognition is that of the quick results it offers.

Before blindly following any diet, we need to take into consideration the Keto diet plan India. Because if you search the internet for Keto Diet, they will provide you with a range of Non-Vegetarian foods which we hardly use. So here we are presenting you with a complete Indian keto diet plan with special emphasis on the vegetarian keto diet.

Indian Keto Diet Meaning

Keto Diet India Food Pyramid
Keto Diet India Food Pyramid. Image Source: www.theheartysoul.com

The Keto Diet India derives its name from the word ‘ketones’ which are produced from the fats which are broken down by the liver. These ketones help in releasing fats which would otherwise be available from carbohydrate sources. When body releases ketones, your body tends to enter a stage called ketosis, wherein your body is completely fueled by fat. Thus, when your metabolism increases, burning fat becomes easier.

Suitability according to Indian Diets:

Indian Keto Diet is a little tricky given the high carb food which we consume on a daily basis even without realizing it. However, our diet is also rich in proteins and fats which is just another thing required for an Indian keto diet. You can include a vegetarian keto diet plan India which includes a lot of vegetables and varieties of flour which are low in carbohydrate and manage your way through.

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Vegetarian Keto Diet India

ketogenic diet india
Ketogenic Diet India. Image source: Google Images.

Vegetarian Keto diet plan India is the fastest growing buzzword. This is so because there are many Keto diet plans across the world, but getting an Indian one can be quite challenging.

Vegetarian Keto diet plan India includes intake of:

  • Moderate level of proteins in the form of:
    • Lentils
    • Pulses
    • Vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, pea etc,  give you the protein content your body needs.
  • High fat in the form of:
    • Ghee
    • Butter
    • Cheese
  • Low carbs

These 3 are the major constituents of a vegetarian keto diet plan, which are highly rich in nutrition and will help you boost your metabolism and give you quicker result in terms of losing weight. Therefore, if you follow all these parts in sync and coordination with each other then following a vegetarian Keto diet plan India will prove to be super fruitful for you. Yes, this keto diet India can be difficult at the start, tiring in the middle but energetic once you get used to it. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Adopting Keto Diet Plan India

Like any other diet, Indian Keto Diet or Keto Diet India also has its shares of pros and cons. Let us delve deeper into the same below:

Advantages of Keto Diet India

There are numerous advantages attached to the Indian keto diet apart from giving you instant results:

  1. The Indian keto diet proves to have shown excellent results in controlling your blood sugar levels since your sugar cravings are well under control which is proven to be extremely beneficial for people suffering from Diabetes type 2.
  2. Most of the diets can end up making you feel lethargic; instead, a keto diet India helps you feel energetic as your metabolism increases since your fat is breaking down thereby releasing energy.
  3. It even helps in increasing HDL which are known as good cholesterol and is required by the body. Generally, low carb foods tend to be high in fats, which often lead to releasing of healthy HDL in your system. This also helps in reducing any bad cholesterol, which reduces the risk of clogging arteries which can lead to a heart attack.
  4. It is also proven, that Indian keto diet is believed to help in treating brain disorders as well as epilepsy in children and cancer in adults. It has shown significant results and its effects have far-reaching impacts.

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Disadvantages of Keto Diet India

There is this other side of this diet which can have some side effects on you. Incomplete information is as dangerous as wrong information. Therefore, some of its disadvantages of the keto diet plan India are:

  1. Indian keto diet makes you lose muscles as the intake of protein is comparatively lesser than fats. And those fats are converted into energy leaving you fatigued in the long run.
  2. Most often than not, Indian keto diet causes constipation as the body will not have enough bulk formation.
  3. It makes your kidneys work overtime since our body burns carbs for energy, but when there are not enough carbs in your body, it starts using up fats to generate energy. This can cause a pressure on your kidneys which can pose to be a problem in the long run.
  4. Nutritional deficiencies are another disadvantage of the India keto diet plan. This is because the Indian diet already does not include different types of meats and fishes which are very nutritious and to top it all, if you refrain yourself from consuming carbs, then you are bound to get minerals and vitamins deficiencies.

Takeaway: Keto Diet India

Keto diet India is not that easy as it sounds and a vegetarian keto diet India is even more difficult since you are already falling short of options, and this narrows down your list even more. The initial first month is going to take a toll on you since it is difficult for the body to adopt such a sudden change. But as and when you keep progressing, you will feel more energetic and light. All this has to be combined with regular workout and proper intake of food as per the diet.

Therefore, every diet requires dedication and efforts from your end and when you know you are ready to give in your all, then there is no stopping to give you better and quicker results.

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